Luggage labels for The Flower Room

Friday 20 June 2014

A photo of a pile of printed luggage labels

I had always hoped to have an excuse to letterpress print on manilla luggage labels, so I was delighted when I saw that The Flower Room used them in their shops to both price and brand their stock.

The luggage labels that the client was using were a little too large for their purposes, and the stock was a little too smooth and shiny. I was able to source a smaller size label, made from a rougher stock which gives a more rustic and earthy feel, particularly when printed using letterpress. This is complemented by the use of jute twine in place of string.

The design for the labels is very simple, and replicates the logo and text appearing on the fliers that I designed for the client earlier in the year. This helps to carry the branding through between the pieces of print even though they are very different in finish.

Two photos showing the piles of luggage labels before and after they have been removed from their surrounding card

This was the longest print run I’ve done on my Adana so far at 1,000 labels! Fortunately the labels came paired up in their sheets which halved the number of pulls on the press to 500. I was then able to simply ‘pop’ the tags out of their carrier sheets, and all that was left to do was thread them with jute twine. Sadly, there isn’t a quick way to do this...