Warwickshire Teen Voice Camp

Friday 27 June 2014

The finished poster

The brief for this project was to create a poster which reflects the fact that the course is aimed at both spoken and sung performance for both genders. Since the course is aimed at a teenage audience it needed to appeal both to the teenagers themselves as well as their parents. And since the poster would be displayed on noticeboards, it needed to be eye-catching whilst still conveying a relatively large amount of information.

I created a sound wave graphic to represent the voice rather than using any specific music or speech-related imagery. I was then able to use this to catch attention at the top of the design, balancing out the two images used beneath it, and in a tint to break up the background without reducing the legibility of the text.

The client liked the idea of using a blue background since it is the colour most associated with calmness and relaxed breathing. By using a bright shade of blue it was also possible to create something that would also catch the eye.

Photography copyright www.jonheadphotography.com