Behind the scenes photostory

Friday 29 July 2016

This photostory takes you behind the scenes, documenting the process of designing and producing my new letterpress hedgehog greeting card.

It takes time and patience to get each stage of the process right before moving on to the next stage. Inevitably there were parts of the process which it was impossible to show in this photostory.

I begin with design and in this case that meant drawing a lot of hedgehogs! Once the design is finalised I send the artwork off to the lovely Lisa at Lyme Bay Press to turn it into photopolymer plates.

I am then able to begin production, cutting down paper, making a print ‘pattern’ to make sure I print everything in the right place, setting up the job on press and testing to make sure the impression is even, before printing.

Once printing is complete, I reset my press to crease the cards, before folding and trimming them. The final production stage is to make up the envelopes, which I have pre cut and creased.

My little hedgehog is now ready to go, and is available to buy from my Etsy shop.

Step by step process of creating a new letterpress card