Stickers for The Flower Room

Friday 3 October 2014

The final sticker, shown sealing the back of an envelope

The Flower Room use stickers to brand their boxed bouquets of flowers, and on the back of letters that they send out. They were using a sticker which was 88mm in diameter, and had the details of both their shops on. It used a colour image of brown parcel paper in the background, and an old version of their logo.

I updated the design of the stickers with their new logo and type style to bring them into line with the luggage labels I created for them in June. In order to make the information clearer I separated the information into two different layouts – one for each of their shops. This also enabled me to make the stickers themselves smaller (69mm in diameter) which looks neater on the back of an envelope.

Finally, I sourced stickers which were made from brown parcel paper giving a much more realistic and rustic finish, and also reducing the number of colours needing to be printed to one (black) to achieve the same design.