Turning two with Bluey & Baloo

Friday 6 May 2016

Party invitation design for Bluey & Baloo

Back in January this year Lettica turned two. To celebrate the occasion I randomly selected one person from my mailing list to receive a design voucher worth £200. The lucky winner was Michelle Peters, from Bluey & Baloo. I’m now delighted to be able to share with you the materials that Michelle commissioned me to design.

Bluey & Baloo is a great service offering child care at social events so that adults can relax and enjoy themselves knowing that the children are both entertained and well-cared for. Michelle already has a vibrant and professional web site in place, but wanted to unify the design of her printed literature, including business cards, a flyer publicising her services, and a party invitation.

Having a logo, typeface, and colour-scheme already in place made the design process a lot quicker and easier. Michelle’s logo uses a typeface called Coolvetica. This is a variation on the popular Helvetica typeface, and was inspired by 1970s American logo designs. The typeface has naturally very tight letter spacing (kerning), and is quite visually distinctive. The tight letter spacing make it unsuitable for long runs of text, as it would be very difficult to read, but by spacing the letters out slightly it works really well for short pieces of text like headings and pull quotes.

To make sure that the content of Michelle’s materials was clear and easy to read I paired it with PT Sans, which is another sans serif which shares the narrow letter shapes, and large x-height of Coolvetica, but which is much easier to read.

Business card design for Bluey & Baloo

Business card

The design for this is very simple – featuring just the logo and essential contact information. The type is centred to mirror the layout of the text in the logo, and also exclusively uses lower case for the same reason. The logo uses a wonderful spectrum of colours, but to keep the type calm and easy to read I used just the key orange and blue colours.

The reverse of the business card is filled with a single colour and features Michelle’s favourite client quote. Having print on both sides, maximises the available space on a business card, adding independent validation which doubles as handy reminder of Bluey & Baloo’s services. With the option to have the back printed in a range of colours this is also a fun echo of the spectrum of colours in the logo.

Flyer design for Bluey & Baloo


The images and colours on the flyer mirror those used on the web site. This helps to create consistency between the two mediums.

All the essential information is contained on the front, including a call to action and essential contact information. The reverse of the flyer goes into more detail about the services that Bluey & Baloo can offer, as well as further contact details.

Dividing the information in this way means that the flyer can be used in a wide variety of situations. It will be just as successful pinned to a noticeboard as if it is handed out to people. Building in multiple uses to materials in this way can help to ensure that you get good value for money from a print run.


Michelle wanted a party invitation which could be both professionally printed, and emailed to her clients for them to print out at home. Working with the standard desktop printer format of A4, I created a design which would allow two invitations to be printed to a sheet. The background is plain white – which both complements the other materials whilst also saving ink for people printing this at home.

The standard fields for an invitation are included, but I also added a footnote explaining what Bluey & Baloo do, and that they are fully qualified and insured. Again, this has a dual benefit – both advertising Michelle’s services to anyone who receives an invitation, but also reassuring them that if they attend their child will be cared for by responsible professionals.