My smallest card so far!

Tuesday 9 February 2016

The smallest card I have done so far!

I have just finished a new design and print project for The Flower Room in Kelso.

Fiona asked me to adapt the design of their popular postcard to create a matching gift message card. I decided to refine the image selection used in the postcard, selecting just the images of flowers, rather than including people. This both compensated for the reduction in size, as well as making the design as versatile as possible.

At just 105 × 65mm this is the smallest card I have created to date. It needed to be this size to fit floristry envelopes, which are standard in the industry.

The cards were digitally printed onto Invercote one sided board, meaning that they have a silk finish on the outside, but are uncoated on the inside. This makes the inner surface more suitable for writing on.

Although the print was done digitally, each card was then creased one at a time on my vintage Adana. By removing the ink rollers, and locking up a creasing rule in the bed of the machine I was able to put a neat crease in precisely the right place across each card. Creasing works by stretching the fibres on one side of the card to make folding thick stock easier and neater.

And the cards were ready and delivered just in time for the Valentine’s Day rush!