Opening hours for CAB

Thursday 26 February 2015

For my second project for Roxburgh & Berwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau I was asked to help communicate the complex opening hours for their branches to clients.

The main office for Roxburgh & Berwickshire Citizen’s Advice Bureau is based in Hawick, and is open each weekday. There are also three outreach branches in towns around the region which have more restricted opening hours. Because of the nature of the area, the outreach branches are very spread out, with up to 52 miles between them.

Image of opening times posters for Hawick and Kelso Citizens Advice Bureaux

Citizens Advice often provide support and advice at critical times in peoples’ lives. So I felt it was important to provide opening times for all the branches on the poster. This would mean that if someone arrived at an outreach branch and found it was closed they would have the information they needed to locate the nearest branch that was open.

Although Hawick CAB is open every week day it also serves a larger population and clients may choose to visit an alternative branch if availability of advisers is limited.

Rather than use one poster for all four branches I created a custom version for each branch. This meant that in each instance the information could be presented in a way that makes most sense to people at that location, and allowed me to clearly communicate some additional information.

Because of the distances involved between branches I decided it was important to include the milage to alternative branches, listing them in order of proximity. I also added a message advising people to telephone to check they would be able to be seen before making the journey, since a round trip of 104 miles is substantial.

Visually the posters are all presented in line with Citizens Advice Bureau branding, using their primary brand colours, and reversed out logo.