Four today!

Thursday 4 January 2018

Lettica is four today!

Today I am celebrating four years as a freelance graphic designer. The chances are that this will involve the consumption of significant quantities of cake!

Before I wrote this post, I looked back over the things that I wrote on this day each year since I began. Every year I mention the lovely clients that I am lucky enough to work with, the variety of design projects that I have worked on, and the enormous amount that I am learning as I go.

This year is no exception. I continue to learn more about running my business, and I remain convinced that I work with some of the nicest people around. But this year the exciting difference is that the projects I have worked on have been bigger and more rewarding than ever.

Winning the contract to brand and design printed marketing materials for Scottish Borders Heritage and their flagship annual heritage festival was a major highlight in my year. But working with a range of brand new clients on branding and product catalogue design has also been fantastic.

As my fifth year begins, I’m hopeful that the next twelve months will be bigger and better than ever!

Let’s work together!

If you’d like to work with me in 2018 please get in touch!

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