The neighbours have got the tradesmen in

Friday 4 September 2015

Porter’s Porches leaflet design shown on a doormat

These letterdrop cards focus on people’s natural inquisitiveness about their neighbours

I am delighted to be working with Steven and Nikki at Porter’s Porches in Galashiels.

Steven’s team of tradesmen use promotional cards to leaflet drop other properties in the same road as their clients. Steven felt that their existing cards could be improved upon, and asked me to come up with a proposal.

Having read more about the company I discovered that Steven and Nikki have made excellent service their number one priority. This has resulted in them receiving some great customer testimonials from very satisfied clients.

Customer testimonials really help to identify what your clients value about your product or service, and can help businesses to identify their unique selling points, and where they excel (or indeed, could improve). In the case of Porter’s Porches it’s all about the service level and the excellent team of tradesmen.

Given the situation in which the cards would be used, I focused on people’s natural inquisitiveness to know what their neighbours are doing. I wrote copy around the idea that the neighbours have ‘got the workmen in’ – the sort of thing someone might say when they spot a tradesman’s van parked in the street – before explaining who those workmen are, what they are doing, and what it is that makes them special.

As with any piece of marketing, it’s important to have a call to action. In this case, I encouraged the recipients to speak to their neighbour next time they saw them and to ask about their experience. Such word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable, and if they come from people you know, then their value is greatly increased.

Because the cards were being created specifically to be put through letterboxes it was important that they were printed onto card which was robust enough to survive this without looking crumpled. This would only spoil any impression they might make on the recipients. I selected a dense 350gsm silk stock which would be able to stand this sort of treatment, while helping to communicate the high quality of the service being offered.