Logo design for Border Ice Rink

Friday 6 October 2017

A new logo for Border Ice Rink, Kelso

The finished logo design

Border Ice Rink in Kelso approached me with a concept for their logo which they asked me to refine and develop into a finished design.

The logo is intended to be used in a variety of ways and at a massive range of scales from very small badges on staff uniforms right up to very large environmental graphics and potentially building signage.

I was asked to focus on three areas – the overall shape, the typography, and the colour palette.

The original design concept

The original design concept


The overall proportions of the design were very shallow, and the client was keen to make it rounder. So I began by redrawing the shape, increasing the roundness while retaining the feeling of dynamic movement and speed.

I made the overall shape rounder

Given the shape of the logo, I also created a circular version which would be more suited to use on social media platforms where a 1:1 ratio is used for profile images.


I simplified the type used in the logo in order to make it more timeless and to make it easier to reproduce when embroidered onto staff uniforms. Using a standard text face also means that the client will be able to use the same style across all their materials, which will create valuable consistency.

I replaced the type with Univers Condensed Extra Black Italic

The typeface that I used is Univers Condensed Extra Black Italic. This has similar proportions to the overall shape of the logo, and the oblique nature of the characters give it a similar feeling of movement.


One of Border Ice Rink’s key objectives is to encourage more people to get involved with their curling activities. A little research quickly showed that the majority of ice rinks use blue and white in their identities. Curling institutions often include red as well, reflecting the distinctive red, white, and blue of a curling ‘house’.

It made sense, therefore, to use a red, white and blue colour palette in the logo to help reinforce the association with curling. For flexibility, I also created a version which uses two shades of blue.

Red, white and blue are common colours for ice rink branding

Using colour for recognition or differentiation

Colour can either be used to identify a brand with a particular sector or to differentiate it from others in the same sector.

In the case of businesses who have several direct competitors within a small geographical area, or who are seen alongside one another in other ways, choosing a colour which is deliberately different to the competition can help your brand to look distinctive and not become confused with others in the minds of your customers. For example, if all your competitors use a shade of green, you can stand out in the market by choosing red.

If there are no direct competitors in the local area, and if your product or service is geographically specific, as is the case with Border Ice Rink, then choosing colours which are the same as others in the same sector can help you to be recognised for what you do.

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