Operations Leaders logo design

Friday 24 July 2015

The final logo design for Operations Leaders Ltd

I have recently completed a new logo for Operations Leaders Ltd, a brand new boutique consultancy who are delivering tailored training in Leadership and Operations to mid-career managers worldwide.

Operations Leaders stand out in the contemporary business school and consultancy markets both because of their focus on improving their delegates’ skills in a unique combination of disciplines, and because of the unique combination of industry-leading academics and experienced practitioners behind each of their tailored programmes. They are also keen to inspire their delegates to continue the process of improvement once the programme has ended, and provide the skills to do this as part of their training offering.

The brief

In order to produce a successful logo design it is necessary to understand as much as possible about the ethos of the business involved, the product or service they offer, who their target market might be, and who they view as their competitors. This means asking lots of questions about what they do, who they are, where they are going, and about the vision for their business.

For this project I trialled a set of briefing questions created by International Visual Identity Awards Winner, Ian Paget at LogoGeek. Ian put together this excellent set of questions to help find out what each client is trying to achieve, and why.

Colour & shape

Having researched logos in the business school and consultancy arenas it became clear that in terms of colour, business schools are overwhelmingly represented by shades of blue, whereas consultancies use a broader range of colours, including some bright shades rarely seen in the identities of academic institutions.

In terms of shape there is a trend for academic institutions to base their logos on squares and rectangles, whereas in commercial situations the shapes become softer and rounder.

Operations Leaders originate from, are experts in, and target, both sectors, so it was important that the use of colour and shape would allow them to operate successfully in either environment.

The solution

Combining the acronym with the company name and strapline

The final design of the logo is intentionally pared back, giving it a modern appearance that reflects the dynamic and progressive vision of the business.

The acronym is presented in custom drawn letters of the simplest form possible. Both letters are constructed from circles and are consequently almost exclusively rounded.

The ubiquitous navy blue of academia is used, but it is set off with a bright shade of lime green reflecting the world of consultancy.

The acronym can be used alone, but there is also a variety of options for combining it with the full name of the business, and the company strapline ensuring there is a version which can work at many sizes and in spaces of many proportions.

Here’s what company director, Nick Wake, had to say about the process of working with me on this project:

Sarah’s design work for our company has been of an exceptionally high standard. She was able to assimilate the nature of our business and come up with a series of ideas which reflected our brand and core values very quickly. We are very happy to have her as a business partner and would recommend her to other organisations without hesitation.
Nick Wake, Director, Operations Leaders Ltd