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Monday 7 December 2015

A cross section of projects feature in my portfolio

Working with individuals and small businesses is great. It often means that I am communicating directly with a decision maker, and always with someone who has a real vested interest in the success of their project.

As I have learnt myself over the last two years, running a small business means that there are many hats to be worn – and some leave me feeling more confident than others. This has really made me appreciate the importance of creating a clear and easy process for my clients – especially when they have never worked with a graphic designer before.

My new online portfolio is the latest extension of this idea. I’ve pulled together a cross section of projects I have worked on since I started out to make it easier for potential clients to get a quick idea of the range, style, and quality of work I have produced.

Of course, every project is unique. And it can be hard to judge the success of a design simply by looking at the finished product. So each project is accompanied by a short explanation of the brief, my response, and a link to any further information held in my blog. This helps to give an idea about the way I might approach your design project, as well as making it easier to judge the suitability of my response.

I plan to add projects to my portfolio as they are completed, so I hope that this new section of my web site will only become more useful as time goes by.

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