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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Business card & leaflet design for Fit4Age

Janet commissioned me to design business cards and leaflets for Fit4Age, her new business offering bespoke fitness training to people over the age of fifty.

With an age-specific target audience it was particularly important to make sure that the text on both pieces was clear to read. This could be achieved by the use of a clear typeface, good colour contrast between the type and the background, and by using a large enough type size.

Janet already had a logo ready, which provided me with a core colour scheme of blue and brown, along with Futura as the typeface.

Business card

The leaping deer in Janet’s logo gives it a dynamic shape with a definite upwards motion. I felt that it would work to best effect placed at the bottom of the business card to draw your eye up towards the contact information.

The contact details are presented in Futura to match the strap line in the logo, and in a size which is large enough to allow it to be easily read. The use of Futura for Janet’s email address presented a problem, however, since Futura’s lowercase j doesn’t have the usual distinctive curled tail. When appearing out of context in an email address this makes it appear very similar to a lowercase i. To solve this problem I created a custom-designed lowercase j.

Creating a custom lowercase letter j

To maximise contrast I have used a white background, with brown – the darker of the two colours – for the smaller text. I reserved the blue for Janet’s name which also helps it to stand out.

Finally, to brighten the business cards and make them more distinctive in a pile of other cards I made the backs plain blue.


The design of the leaflet follows on from the business card. This time, the use of blue on the front helps to make the design more eye-catching. The reversed out type is larger in order to ensure it is still easily read.

Inside there was a lot of information to present. Having established that the information was basically in two sections I was then able to work out where there was room on the page for images. Janet specifically wanted a range of images showing the variety of activities she works into her clients’ programmes. In order to achieve this I decided to run a column of image between the two sections of text. In order to soften this I used circles for the images.

With a few suggestions about composition from me Janet was able to provide her own images for the leaflet, which is a great way to make your promotional materials look authentic and ensure they are unique to you.

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