Corporate identity for small businesses

Wednesday 25 March 2015

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There is a common misconception that corporate identities are the preserve of large companies. In fact, it is just as important for small businesses to create and maintain strong visual identities.

A business’s corporate identity is essentially the way it presents itself to the outside world. Every aspect of each occasion that a customer encounters your business offers you an opportunity to make the right impression.

For a small business like a honey producer this might include the advert they place in the local paper, the sign outside their house advertising honey for sale, the jars they put the honey in, the labels on the jars, the way they present themselves and their products at the local craft fair, the bags they put their customer’s purchases in, their email signature, letterhead and business card design, their web site, their presence on social media, their email newsletter, the way they package orders to be delivered, and even the way they answer the telephone.

In each instance it’s important to consider the message as well as the presentation. And in some instances (such as the jars, or the bags for purchases) there are opportunities to communicate the values of your business – are your bags recycled, are they luxurious, are they paper or plastic? Are your jars glass or ceramic, are they small and beautiful, or large and capacious?

The presentation of each of these elements should communicate the right messages for your business. You might want your business to be seen as sleek and shiny, or homemade and comfortable. Either way, high-quality presentation will show your customers that you are serious about what you do, and make you and your business look more professional.

Achieving consistency of style across everything you do will reinforce your brand in the mind of your target audience and help people to recognise your business amongst your competitors.

Your logo does play a part in this. But considered and consistent use of typography, colour, photography or illustration, texture, and even smell will take you much further.

As you can see – it’s about much more than just your logo!

If you would like help developing a corporate identity for your small business just get in touch.

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