It’s Time to Change

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Time to Change is an excellent campaign from Mind and Rethink Mental Illness which is working hard to end the stigma attached to mental illness. This is an important issue for me, and so I wanted to do something to help.

Two years ago Time to Change featured a blog post on their web site which struck a chord with me. It was about sending cards to people with mental health problems. There were contributions from lots of people explaining how receiving cards has helped them when they are unwell.

The statistics support this. According to Time to Change, 80% of people who have experienced a mental health problem think that a card is a good way for people to say they are thinking of them. But also, sadly, that only a quarter of people received a get well card whilst unwell. As many of the contributors point out – this isn’t the case when someone is physically unwell.

Fast forward two years and I am now running my own business and printing my own cards. So I decided it would be fitting to produce a special edition of one of my cards which I would sell to raise money to support Mind. And my ‘hello’ card fits the bill perfectly.

The finished card, in pink, with a bright pink envelope to match

In proper Time to Change fashion it’s bright pink! And it’s only small, so you don’t have to worry about needing to write much. If you’re sending your card to someone with a mental health problem and you’re not sure what to write then check out the blog post on Time to Change’s web site for some ideas. This little pink number will really brighten their day!

I am donating all the profits from the sale of these cards to Mind, so whoever you send yours to you’ll be helping support this brilliant charity.

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