Love Phodography fun

Friday 13 June 2014

The finished design for the price list, in black and green, with three dog silhouettes

I’ve been having great fun over the last week working on a project for the lovely Helen from LovePhodography. One half of the project is staying under wraps for now, but I can show you her new price list which will be appearing on her web site very soon!

Helen’s logo uses American Typewriter which I carried through into the body text for the design. I picked out Linotype Univers for the headings and type-based graphics to complement it. Univers has a huge family of weights and widths, which made it ideal for achieving this kind of design. Using different weights allowed me to fit the words into the necessary spaces whilst retaining a coherent style.

And I’m pleased to say that the design has received the ‘lick of approval’ from Mash, the miniature daschund!

Mash the miniature daschund – a demanding client!

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