Love Phodography competition

Monday 28 July 2014

The finished poster

I am delighted to be able to reveal the second half of the project for the lovely Helen from LovePhodography.

The brief for this poster to create something that was busy, funky, and green! It needed to be eye-catching, appeal to the sort of people who might be attending the New Forest & Hampshire County Show, and also work alongside the price list I designed for Helen.

In a show environment there are often crowds around stands. Being conscious that this poster was likely to be viewed from a distance as well as close up I wanted to make sure that the design worked well in both situations – both catching the eye, and holding the attention of anyone who may be required to wait. To do this I used variations in scale. From a distance viewers should be able to understand that there is a competition to win a dog photo shoot. Up close they should be able to read the testimonials from previous clients persuading them of the value of entering the competition.

If you would like to enter Helen’s competition, you’ll find her at the New Forest & Hampshire County Show in Brockenhurst from 29-31 July on stand 129 on the Main Avenue North.


Love Phodography

Client testimonial

I met Sarah through a wedding I was photographing and was really impressed by the quality of her work on the invitations and peripheries she’d designed and printed for my clients. Always looking to work with talented people, I asked Sarah to design a price list and poster advertising my new Fine Art Dog Photography business and am so delighted with the results. Sarah’s understanding of what I was looking for was spot on and I can’t say how impressed I am with her tailor made details that really set the feel of my business apart from my competition. I have absolutely no qualms highly recommending Sarah to other businesses looking for personalised, tailor made designs that work within your own brand! Thank you so much Sarah, am looking forward to working with you on my next project!
Helen Rushton, Love Phodography

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