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Tuesday 30 September 2014

An image of the finished product

Helen’s brief for this job was to print tags on kraft card which was the same thickness as a beermat. Some of these would need hole punching to be used with ribbon as gift tags, and some would be used to brand Helen’s stunning fine art folios.

Beermats are traditionally 1,200 micron (or 1.2mm) thick. But beermats are generally off-white, and Helen was looking for a kraft finish. The Cairn Board range from Paperback proved ideal for the job – it comes in 1,000 micron and has a lovely tooth to the surface which always works well with letterpress. There is also a good range of colours including several kraft colours. I used Almond which is a lovely warm colour without being too yellow.

The colour range available in Cairn Board

Traditional lithographic printers would not be able to print on a stock this thick since their printing process relies upon the material going around several rollers. My letterpress is a platen press which means the paper stays flat and is pressed into the printing plate. This means that I can print on much thicker stocks which gives my clients more choice.

Punching holes through material this thick was a challenge. A standard hole punch makes a hole that is too large for this tag, so I used a rotary plier punch which is designed for cutting holes in leather for saddle making, and which makes a smaller, very neat-edged hole.

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