The sausage & the spaniel

Friday 4 July 2014

I was putting the final touches to the design for the ‘Sausages!’ card when I met the lovely Helen from Love Phodography. I soon started work on a project to redesign Helen’s price list (see my blog entry ‘Love Phodography fun!)’ in which the sausage was given a starring role. And by the end of the process he had a new friend – the spaniel!

I decided to print the dogs in traditional black silhouettes, but in order to soften the look of them a little I used Graphite Black ink in place of my usual harder black. I also chose a selection of soft envelope colours to complement them.

Printing the dogs was great fun – the small printed area means that my little press was able to get a good impression into the paper, and as always, it was satisfying to be surrounded by a growing number of repeated designs. This time though it was lots and lots of sausages and cocker spaniels which brought a smile to my face, and that can only be a good thing!


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