Double Happiness

Monday 9 March 2015

The finished wedding invitations in red and black pictured with a red rose

Zavier and Guy asked me to design their wedding invitations after they saw a suite of stationery I had designed and produced for a mutual friend earlier in the year.

They were looking for a design which was simple and classy and, to reflect his Singaporean nationality, Zavier requested that a red Chinese symbol meaning double happiness be included in the design. They were also keen that the finished items look very high quality.

The typeface I chose for the design is Gill Sans Light, with Gill Sans Regular being used for the sub-headings on the information card. I designed a double happiness symbol which would complement the clean typography, and reversed it out of a red circle. This is the only decorative element on the invitations, with the circular shape reflecting the typeface, and softening the straightness of the red dividing lines and border.

A close up detail of the double happiness symbol

The motif was repeated on the accompanying information cards, and on a guest message board, onto which Guy and Zavier’s guests could write messages to the happy couple.

The timescale for this project was tight with just two and half weeks from initial contact to final delivery. With a short print run, digital printing was the ideal choice for production. In order to achieve the high quality finish I used Colorplan stock, specifying 350gsm card – the thickest possible weight which would work with the digital press at Banbury Litho – and matching Colorplan envelopes.


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