Lettica designed appointment cards for Kelso Health & Wellness

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Branded appointment cards designed by Lettica for Kelso Health & Wellness
Kelso Health & Wellness’s branding was applied to an exterior sign - designed by Lettica
Kelso Health & Wellness’s branding was applied to interior window vinyls - design by Lettica

Kelso Health & Wellness visual identity system


To design a visual identity for Kelso Health & Wellness, which is home to a broad range of independent health and wellness professionals. The identity needed be to applied to both large scale signage and printed materials.


Working with marketing expert, Ruth Sutherland of Kiln House, we decided the identity should combine visual qualities of a health centre with a more luxurious spa feel.

I created a flexible system including a monogram and logotype which can be used individually, or together. This was particularly important given the length of the business name. I also created custom corn illustrations to connect the business with its historic premises at The Corn Exchange.