Jane Crisp's branding implemented on her new business cards

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Jane's new business cards demonstrate her branding
This branding project included designing a new logo for Jane
It was important to make Jane's new branding work across all media, including social
Jane's new branding applied to stickers

Branding for Jane Crisp


To design new branding which reflects Jane’s juxtaposition of traditional techniques with strikingly contemporary design. The logo needed to work in a wide range of sizes in varying situations, including on the business cards, signs, and stickers which formed part of this project.


Working within Jane’s palette of preferred colours, and using rounded or circular shapes, I designed a logo which incorporates a motif that loosely represents the shape of Jane’s steam-bent trugs. I combined this with Didot which echoes the contrasts between thick and thin created by the overlapping strips of wood, but which also has an appropriate typographic history. The logo has a palette of soft colours, rather than just one colour, and can either be used alone, or reversed out of a coloured circle, giving Jane maximum flexibility.

The business card picks up on the contrasting materials Jane uses in her trugs, with soft toothy paper stamped with copper foil. The layout is designed to offer maximum flexibility, by allowing the cards to also be used as swing tags on her products.

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