Logo design for The Five Turrets

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Logo design by Lettica for The Five Turrets
Social media profile image
Harlequin edition

Logo design for The Five Turrets


The Five Turrets is a new self-catering property in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. Aspinall Ink commissioned me to design a logo for their client based on a crisp silhouette of this very distinctive building.


I decided to focus on the central section of the building for the logo design in order to simplify it as far as possible. The flat view of the front elevation is stylised in order to show all the features – and particularly all five turrets – clearly.

Aspinall Ink created a brand colour palette based on the colours used in the interior decoration of the building. From this palette I selected a warm and welcoming yellow shade to highlight the windows and turrets.

I also created a simplified, single turret design for the client to use as their social media profile image.

As a finishing touch, the client also commissioned a ‘harlequin’ edition of the logo to celebrate the colour that was developing within the property.