Graphic design for Takeda Cambridge

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Section of the graphic design I produced for Takeda Cambridge
The Japanese tea-ceremony themed worked well in a graphic design style
Portion of my Takeda Cambridge kitchen graphic design competition entry
Origami birds and butterflies featured in my graphic design for Takeda Cambridge

Graphic design for Takeda Cambridge


Takeda Cambridge ran an open competition for a graphic design they could use on their new breakfast bar.


Takeda Cambridge is a subsidiary of Japan’s leading pharmaceutical company, so it seemed appropriate to create a design with a Japanese feel. Given the intended placement of the design on a breakfast bar I decided to create a Japanese tea ceremony for chemists.

Packets of ‘tea’ are lined up along a series of shelves, with the sort of equipment that you might find in a science laboratory being used to brew it. Two Japanese ladies wait amongst a bonsai-style tree, fans, and origami birds and butterflies, ready to serve thirsty visitors a reviving cup of tea.

A range of traditional Japanese-style patterns and bright colours are used to render all the various objects in the graphics giving them a colourful and modern appearance.

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