Lettica designed appointment cards and receipts for Kelso Foot Clinic

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Branded appointment cards and receipts designed by Lettica for Kelso Foot Clinic
Kelso Foot Clinic’s branding was applied to their social media pages - designed by Lettica

Visual identity for Kelso Foot Clinic


To design a visual identity which would differentiate Kelso Foot Clinic from local competitors, while still allowing potential clients to identify them as podiatrists.


To create visual differentiation I selected a serif typeface, rather than a sans, and picked a colour which, while wholly different from any local competitor, still works for a caring profession with a largely older clientele.

While researching it became apparent that a significant proportion of podiatrists use a foot graphic in their branding. To help identify the business, therefore, I also used a foot, but in two rather different ways. The foot itself becomes a part of a playful initial K, and an abstract curve from a footprint defines an area of pattern used on the materials.