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A grey hanging sign with oak frame, seen through a window
A grey hanging sign with oak frame and The Gentle Touch blue and white logo
A detail from the door sign at The Gentle Touch, showing the logo and opening times
The full door sign at The Gentle Touch: grey laminate with an oak frame and blue and white writing

Sign design for The Gentle Touch


To design exterior signage for The Gentle Touch in keeping with their historic premises. The client commissioned two hanging signs, and a practice name plate featuring practice opening times, contact information, and a list of all the clinical staff with their qualifications.


I specified a matt grey laminate for the face of the signs, with solid oak frames to suit the building and give the signs a premium feel. The information is printed directly onto the practice name plate to allow for later updates.

The design is kept as simple as possible, using just blue and white and The Gentle Touch’s brand typeface.

Photos by Phil Wilkinson Photography where indicated.