About Lettica

Hi! I’m Sarah, the design specialist behind Lettica.

I combine the benefits of user-centred typographic design with trustworthy printed formats and accessible PDFs.

My clients tell me I’m clear and easy to work with and quick to understand their needs. And that my service is professional, efficient and cost-effective: I’m on hand when you need me and not costing you anything when you don’t.

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Lettica is a specialist design service providing clear and effective marketing and communications materials in print and accessible PDF formats. It is run by me, a qualified graphic designer and typographer with over 20 years’ professional design experience.

I’m a real believer in the power of print. It works across so many of our senses where digital design just cannot compete. We are now reaching (if not beyond) saturation with digital messaging, so a piece of good quality printed marketing stands out now more than ever.

If you produce printed materials of any kind – either for marketing purposes or to communicate information with your customers – then you will understand the importance of getting the most value out of them.

I don’t believe it’s enough to have printed materials that just look pretty. Everything about them should be considered against your intended outcome.

I believe in designing printed materials that are:

Easier to use

Your information will be easier to read, understand, and act upon if it is presented clearly. I approach the design process from the perspective of your intended audience, taking into account their particular needs as well as your aims. I can then bring clarity to your information using my skills in typography and user-friendly design.

More effective

Well-designed, professional-looking publications are more engaging. I use images, graphics, colour, typography and print specification to support your message, direct attention to the right places, and add impact. This will help you attract and retain the attention of your target audience as well as encouraging your reader to take the intended action.

Better value for money

You can avoid unnecessary costs by making informed decisions throughout the design and production process. I have fifteen years of experience working with printers. I understand the processes and terminology they use and can demystify them for you. I can also identify when making a small change in your design or print specification will leave more change in your pocket.

Producing new materials is more enjoyable and less stressful when you work with the right person. I provide a personal and friendly service. My clients tell me that I am clear and easy to talk to. Because I am a freelancer you can be sure that your project won’t be passed on to someone less experienced or qualified. And because you will always communicate directly with me we will be able to build a working relationship which is effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

Like to work with me?

To chat about how I could make your marketing and communications easier to use, more effective and better value for money, please get in touch.

Lettica is my adventure in freelance design. I aim to demonstrate how print-based design can still be both valuable and attractive. And in the process of doing so I hope to have a wonderful time meeting like-minded print-loving people.

In 2003 I graduated from the University of Reading with a first class degree in Typography & Graphic Communication before working as a designer in the higher education sector for ten years.

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