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Build trust and credibility for your organization with brochures, reports and booklets that are easier for your target audience to read, understand and act upon – without the headache of navigating the design and print process yourself.

I’ve designed for…

Association of Heads of University Administration
Citizens Advice Bureau
The Design Trust
The Gentle Touch
Kelso Foot Clinic
MB&G Insurance
Pickle Jar Communications
Police Investigations & Review Commissioner
Streets Ahead
United World Colleges

Latest design for print articles

Bold black number five on an orange book page


Five practical advantages of print

The ultimate aim of any piece of marketing or communications is for it to be seen by the right people and for them to be able to interact with it with ease: reading, understanding and acting upon the information you publish, as appropriate. To achieve this, we need to think about the practical implications when choosing a publishing medium.

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One red apple stands out amongst a group of red apples


Print as a point of difference

Being seen to be different is valuable for businesses – particularly if you want to break into a saturated market or disrupt an established one. With the pendulum swinging so far towards digital, print has become an increasingly valuable way to make your business stand out.

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Six different ways to combine the same logo, type, colours and content.


Branding is more than just your logo

With the help of copywriter and tone of voice expert, Barnaby Benson and brand consultant, Cara Bendon, I’m showing you exactly what comes under the banner of ‘branding’. As you will see: it really is more than just your logo!

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