Tablet showing the Kidney Research UK annual report front cover

Annual report for Kidney Research UK


To design Kidney Research UK’s annual report for 2022/23 – their first annual report in accessible PDF format. The impact report section would also be printed.


The design of their publications is lively and vibrant – something I wanted to retain while ensuring the ease of reading and use essential to visual accessibility.

I began by assessing Wes FY, their brand typeface – the weights most suited to extended reading, minimum sizes and the small amount of letter spacing needed to make it feel much more comfortable to read. I also tested their brand colours to find combinations that achieve AA levels of contrast.

During remediation, I reviewed both reading orders and remediated the extensive financial tables. I also implemented a solution to the occasional use of white text to allow it to remain readable on reflow.

Finally, I ensured that the PDF passed PAC24 programmatic checks for PDF/UA compliance and read correctly in the NVDA screen reader.