Lettica designed appointment cards for Kelso Health & Wellness

Brochure & flyer for UWC


Pickle Jar Communications commissioned me to design a brochure and flyer for United World Colleges using new messaging they had created. UWC wanted to reawaken interest in their printed materials, changing their usual style and integrating the new, harder-hitting, ‘can't won’t help’ messaging.


To reflect the shift in mood throughout the copy I proposed a stark cover and opening spread to the brochure, and front to the flyer. These are without colour and feature images of the effects of climate change, creating a contrast with the colour used thereafter.

I introduced a heavier weight of their brand typeface to increase the impact of the headings and developed a new grid to allow a more dynamic arrangement of text and images on the page.

Working with UWC’s translators, I also created artwork for the brochure and flyer in Spanish and French.