Both sides of the printed form for The Gentle Touch

Form design for The Gentle Touch


To design a form for The Gentle Touch to collect advanced dental histories from patients and produce it in printed and fillable PDF formats.


To help make the extensive form feel less overwhelming to complete, I presented the questions in clearly-defined sections, using a pale tint of The Gentle Touch’s brand blue as a recessive background tint. As the patient demographic tends to be older, I made the text large enough for ease of reading, spreading the design across two pages. Using the brand colour, typeface and a standardised footer element (including the logo – not shown) gives a quiet level of branding without being distracting.

The patient’s written entries are as unconstrained as possible, with just dotted lines providing a guide. On the fillable PDF version, the multiple lines are simplified to a single multi-line area for completion.

Finally, after testing with the client, I added a ‘submit’ button to allow patients to return a completed PDF form via email as simply as possible.